The PieceWise Team
William Neely
CEO/CTO, William Neely
Bad ass entrepreneur. Started a landscaping company at 16, bought a house at 20, learned how to code to launch PieceWise at 23.
Curtis Weathersby
Graphics Design/UX, Curtis Weathersby
Curtis Weathersby is the founder of Weathersby Ink, a graphics design company based out of Kansas City, KS. He now works for PieceWise full-time and it definitely shows!
Pam Neely
CFO, Dr. M Pamela Neely, CPA
This is the gal with the degrees. I mean, look at all those acronyms! CFO, CPA, Ph.D. Yeah we get it. Yer edumacated.
Brett Zornes
Communications, Brett Zornes
Brett is the baby of the team but don't let that fool you. This boy was management at 17 and as marketer for Homeville Vending helped drive their competition out of business. Sounds ruthless but this guy has a big ole Kansas heart.
Howard Van Bortel
Mentor and Backer, Howard Van Bortel
Kitty Van Bortel
Mentor and Backer, Kitty Van Bortel
The PieceWise Mission and Purpose
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of PieceWise is to create an online platform to reward innovators for their ideas, employ the underemployed, and solve the problems that business owners face every day.
Mission Statement: The mission of PieceWise is to flatten the world. We will make it possible for anyone, regardless of non-merit status (age, location, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.) to participate in the creation and execution of solutions world-wide and in so doing, to change the world.
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