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    By signing up, you can use PieceWise to help you plan and execute your idea or project. Since people can contribute to and place offers on your public project, you'll be able to figure out how to get from A to B and how much it's going to cost with almost no time investment. You can also participate in prize projects and earn money for even the simplest of ideas or market yourself by creating projects and placing offers on doing the pieces of the projects.
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  1. $1,000 PieceWise Marketing Campaign Prize Project
    1. Contests
    2. Commercials
    3. Go on a tour of colleges to recruit students to be piecemakers.
    4. Advertise in the community
    5. Advertise in the (home improvements magazines)/(the family handyman)
    6. Public Speaking
    7. Social Media
    8. Success Stories
    9. Search Engine Marketing
    10. Affiliate Program
    11. Content marketing
    12. Leave pens on tables at restaurants
    13. Run the Boston Marathon in a branded PieceWise running outfit
    14. Add functionality to make the site easier to market
    15. Launch a crowdfunding project
    16. Contact Internet Ad Industry Publications
    17. Pass out puzzle piece shaped cookies
    18. Network/coordinate with service providers who want their services on PieceWise
    19. Expand your Help
    20. Media coverage
    21. create stickers with piecewise name and logo
    22. Expand the list serve
    23. Offer a free intership to local colleges
    24. Advisertise with sandwhich boards
    25. Shave the PieceWise logo into the CEO's head
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