Ways to earn points
Way to earn pointsPoints
Submit a piece for a project2 points for creating the piece. 1 point for each useful vote you receive. 2 points for each innovative vote you receive.
Piece Re-useDuring Alpha/Beta, 2 points for every time your piece is used in a project other than the one it was created for. After Alpha/Beta, if your piece has an innovation ranking of 0.5 or higher (subject to change), you will earn 2 points for every time your piece is reused. If the ranking is lower than 0.5, you won't earn reuse points for the piece.
Order piecesUp to 2 points. 1 point for placing the piece under the correct parent category and 1 point for putting it in the correct position.
Rank pieces1 point per vote.
Edit a pieceIf your edit is approved, you become the PieceMaker of that piece and get the points for it being created (2 points) and any useful/innovative votes it receives (the person who created the idea also gets these points). In terms of piece re-use, the original PieceMaker will get credit when his idea or the edited idea is re-used (you can't hijack someone's idea even if it wasn't worded very well).
Vote on an editYou receive one point for every edit you vote on that becomes the new piece.
Give us feedbackFor every useful feedback comment you send us, you earn 10 points.
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