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Private projects
Create a Public Project
Public projects can be used in three ways:
  • To source ideas, help, and offers from our community to help you plan your project
  • To market yourself or your products
  • To make projects available to others so that they can use your project to help plan their projects
Make an Offer
Place offers on completing the pieces of a person's project
It’s a free lead generation! One offer covers every place a piece is reused in, allowing your offer to be seen across multiple projects. For instance, place an offer on a bottle of sauce in the pizza project and when that bottle of sauce shows up in a pasta project, your offer will still show up.
Private projects
Private projects
Contribute to the Community
I'm Feeling Helpful!
Help someone out with a randomly selected project. You could be helping someone plan a wedding or student entrepreneurs with creating their first business!
Create a Private Project
Private projects offer many of the same benefits as public projects. However, private projects don't contribute to the community and the community can't contribute to them by placing offers on project pieces or adding extra information that you may have forgotten.

To make a project private, save the first piece of your project and select "Yes" in the pop-up that appears.

Private projects